Inject some colour!

I love adding some sunshine to my days and my look through my nails – it’s a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe without making a big purchase, and with all the pop colours available at the moment your choices are as endless as colours in the rainbow!

Here are my picks….

For polish you can pick up at your local chemist or department store, Natio and Revlon have a great range of shades, and wear well.

Try Natio’s new Lights and Brights range (below). At around $5, these tiny pots are about half the size of Natio’s usual polish, which means you will use it up before you get tired of the shade!

When choosing a Revlon polish, be sure to stick to their classic line, as this wears best. Feeling adventurous? Try ‘Fuschia Fever’…

Many people rave about OPI nail polish. I would definitely recommend it, however I have found its wearability to be comparable to brands such as Natio and Revlon. OPI has an extensive range of shades and is available from David Jones. Why not really kick the winter blues with ‘Need Sunglasses?’!

One of my favourite brands of nail polish is Mavala. Mavala is made in Switzerland and is only available to Australian customers online. A little more effort, but worth it every time! With a huge range of ‘just-what-I-was-looking-for!’ shades, Mavala is long-wearing and is sure to pull compliments! Log on to to try Mavala’s trio set in PoP.

butter LONDON is a relatively new brand that has created luscious, long-wearing polish free of three carcinogenic substances commonly found in nail polish (formaldehyde, toluene and DBP). While butter LONDON is available in Australia, it’s still hard to find, but can be purchased online – try Retailing at around $20, this is a solid investment! Not just sunny, but good for you too – try ‘Jaffa’.

When wearing such bright colours, it’s important to use a good base coat to block the varnish from discolouring your nail. OPI and Sally Hansen have some of the best base and top coat options available. Also, avoid ‘quick dry’ nail polish – generally quick dry = quick chip.

Otherwise, it’s very hard to make a fashion mistake with nail polish – you might even start a trend!


Elissa x

3 Looks to try…

It’s my favourite thing about living in the southern hemisphere! As we continue to bear the cold here down under, we have the opportunity to flick through magazines (and blogs), decoding, critiquing and admiring the spring/summer fashions being unravelled in the U.S. and U.K. By the time spring rolls around here, you’ve decided what worked, what didn’t, what won’t be taking up residence in your wardrobe for the next 6 months, and what definitely will… Haven’t you?? Well, just in case you’ve been slack on your fashion studies over winter, here are my pics for some fab looks coming our way from a few of my favourite fashionistas!


Colour Matching

There is so much I love about this outfit! Shorts suits are just beginning to grace our stores (though great examples are few and far between), so this week I’ll focus on how to work colour matching. I’ll be honest, it’s a tricky trend to do well. One way is to find pieces that are the same colour, but slightly different tone. This means one colour will look like a slightly watered-down version of the other. The other way is to combine pieces that are pretty much exactly the same colour. Either way, it’s a good idea purchase the garments from the same brand, as the dyes used on the clothes will probably be the same or very similar.


Witchery’s gorgeous knit pencil skirt ($99.95) was featured in my put some spring into your step post, and received so much love that I couldn’t resist teaming it with Witchery’s scoop neck tee ($59.95) for colour matching. Both in Witchery’s new ‘neon’ palette, this tonal match will work equally well with black or tan accessories.

The Chambray Dress

It’s hasn’t been truly OK for women to wear the chambray dress since the 90s, but Katie Holmes’ has brought it back in a big way! A bit of a style chameleon, Katie’s been working the casual-but-cool Mum look lately, swapping her usual jeans and tee combo for cute sundresses. The best news? You can snap up this Madewell dress from Shopbop for $138.00, and work it just like Katie! 

Complete the look with Loop Leather Co’s ‘Threes Company’ belt ($49.00).



Accessory Matching

But not just any accessories – lipstick and shoes to be exact. Sounds disastrous? I thought so too until I saw how great Kate Bosworth looked! The key is keeping the rest of your look very simple and neutral, like Kate has done with this smart beige dress.

This idea can be applied to accessories other than shoes, but it’s important to only match one accessory with your lips – don’t go all out matching jewellery, bag and shoes.

If red isn’t your style, tone it down in coral.

Try matching Lipstick’s Neige heels (159.95) in coral lizard numbuck, with L’Oreal Paris’ Colour Riche Intense Lipcolour in pink passion.

Am I sensing a matchy-themed season coming on?


Elissa x



The Art of Layering

LayeringOne of the most common things I get asked about as a stylist is how to layer. As you contemplate the transition of your wardrobe from winter to spring, layering can be a great tool to have a your disposal. Not only can it help to keep you warm or cool enough on days  of changeable weather, it’s also a great way to create multiple looks by wearing a few key pieces in different ways. So, here are my 3 easy steps to get you layering-away….


Step 1: The Base

The first (and most important) step of layering is creating a good base. In the winter months, your base will consist of leggings or tights if you plan to wear a skirt or dress, and a top.

The sleeve length of your top will depend on the weather and what you plan to wear over the top. Regardless, your top must be very fitted so that no gathers in the material can be seen when you add the next layer of clothing.

‘Leggings’ and ‘tights’ are two terms often used interchangeably. To be technically correct,  leggings are thicker (more like gym pants) and warmer, while tights are more like thick stockings. For very cold weather, leggings and fully covered tights are best, however in the warmer months footless tights are a better option. When buying footless tights, be mindful that full length (down to the ankle) are much more flattering than 3/4 length.


The Main Event

Once you have a good base, you are ready for the main layer. This will be either pants/skirt and a top, or a dress. The main idea of layering is to create a feast for the eyes, with each layer peeking out in a way that looks unplanned. Play with different ways of showing each layer. For example, does it look better if your base top is showing only at the neckline, only at the waistline, or both?

Be especially observant of the way the necklines are working together. There are no real ‘rules’ I can give with this (hence why I have labelled layering an ‘art’!), but if a combination looks a bit wrong to you, chances are it will look a bit wrong to everyone else as well, so go with your instincts.

As with the base layer, the main event should not include any pieces that are bulky, because you will be adding more on top. You do, however, need to be comfortable with the look of this layer, because unlike the base layer which won’t be showcased to the world, the main event could be ‘it’ if you are too hot to wear additional layers.

Take note that while this layer is put on second, it needs to be planned first in order to create the right base.


Finishing Touches

This is where you can really have some fun, with cardigans, boleros, jackets, scarves and accessories.

It’s a good idea to have a colour theme that runs through your outfit, such as black or beige, then mix it up with the main event or finishing touches, by using an accent colour or variation in the fabric.


So there you have it! Layering 101. It truly is an art, because it really comes down to how each individual piece works together. To inspire you, here are some of my layering ideas using the greatest layering brand available – Metalicus…

Look One

Look 2

Look 3


Elissa x

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Put some spring in your step!

It seems to me we have reached that time of year when the newness and novelty of winter is a distant memory, yet the warmth of spring feels too far off to provide much hope! Walk into any mall, though, and you’ll be instantly transported to a world full of bright colours, floaty dresses and sleeveless tops. While it might not be 25 degrees outside yet, sometimes this little taste of spring can be just what I need to get me through the remaining darkness of July and August! Here are my picks for working some fun spring trends (in store now) into your winter wardrobe – enjoy!…

Floaty Dress

Ahh the beloved floaty dress – the first thing we’re drawn to when it comes to spring fashions, because of its stark contrast to the heavy fabrics of winter.


Team this gorgeous tank dress by Country Road with black tights and a fitted black top underneath to make it through the winter months.

Made from 100% pure silk, it retails at $199.00, and the breathability of the fabric will be an asset once spring rolls around.

For the warmer months, team it with black heels and a black clutch for a stunning evening outfit.




Portmans’ stripe flippy dress is a perfect trans-seasonal piece. Wear it now with a navy blazer and tights, then enjoy it in spring with white flats or tan wedges.

For only $59.95, you will make the most of your dollar with this one!

Pop Colour Pants

A good pair of pants are a girl’s best friend year-round, and with classic styles becoming available in on-trend brights this season, you’ll be loving them even more than usual!


Portmans have always done a great sateen pant, but this season they’ve set a new high bringing us this fabulous coral colour!

Snap them up now to go with your lighter-coloured winter knits and blouses (white and black will look best), then enjoy them through spring and summer with a t-shirt or light weight blouse during the day, and a floaty silk top for a dressier look.

If camouflaging the hip and thigh area is a priority, they also come in a stunning cobalt blue which will do the trick!

At $79.95, these will become a staple!

If coral isn’t quite your cup of tea, Sportscraft’s cotton chino pants in fern might be more your style. Here, Sportscraft delivers a classic and elegant pant, with a subtle nod to this season’s continuation of the colour-blocking trend.

At $129.95, these are 97% cotton, so will allow your skin to breathe when the warmer months come along.

For winter, team these chinos with a crisp, white blouse, and cool off in spring with a white tee and chunky wooden beads to complete your look. The ultimate in trans-seasonal buys!


Patterned Tops

This season we see the return of the patterned top, and the key to making a good purchase decision here is versatility. These can be tricky waters to navigate, but here are 2 great picks that will keep you covered from July to December!…

Country Road’s spliced print top ($99.00) comes in a classic, simple cut and lightweight fabric, while delivering a colourful punch to any outfit!

Team it with fitted black pants and a blazer to liven up your winter work wardrobe, while in spring and summer, this will work beautifully with black shorts or capri pants.

When it comes to quality, tailored, beautiful blouses, Sportscraft always delivers, and this season is no exception. With a range of 100% cotton blouses in fun, tasteful prints, you are sure to find a print that suits your existing wardrobe and adds instant personality to an outfit, without being too loud.

My favourite is the eden printed shirt (129.95). Wear it with a skin-coloured cami for extra warmth now, and love it just as much in spring with the sleeves rolled up, or open with a white or purple cami.


Statement Skirts

 One of the most delightful surprises in store this season is the statement skirt. Like patterned tops, statement skirts must be chosen wisely, and a good choice can lead to many wonderful wardrobe combinations…


At $89.95, the Harlow pleat skirt by Jacqui E is the ultimate in a statement skirt – fabulous while remaining versatile. Pair it with a white blouse, simple knit or fitted long-sleeve top in winter, then swap for a short-sleeved top when the weather warms up.

This is one skirt that I don’t recommend wearing with tights, so you’ll have to wait for one of the lovely sunny winter days we’ve been having to bring it out!



Ok, this Witchery knit pencil skirt ($99.95) is a little more ‘out there’, but I had to include it! For the bold ones among us, it will be the ultimate antidote to winter blues!

Team it with a fitted black long-sleeved top, tucked in, during winter, and swap for a fitted tee or singlet in spring and summer. Stick to wearing black with this in the cooler months, but once the weather warms up, the colour-blocking sky’s the limit!


Enjoy experimenting with beautiful trans-seasonal pieces such as these, and I will keep you updated as the spring and summer trends continue to roll in!

Elissa x


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‘Attitude is expressed through presence – before a single word is spoken’
– Stephanie Dowrick

My love of fashion started early.

I love to look at the photos of myself, circa age 3, styled head to toe by my older sister – usually complete with Mum’s heels, sock-gloves and glass-less specs. These days, not much has changed, only our efforts are a little more appropriate for the world to see.

For me, style has always been about much more than the clothes, labels and accessories. Dressing is my way to show the world from the outside, what’s on the inside. A chance every day to be creative, have fun and inject some attitude into life.

Throughout my time as a fashion stylist I have been honoured to peek into the wardrobes, change rooms and hearts of spectacular women. Many have graciously shared with me the joys, trials and journeys that have shaped their lives, and consequently, their wardrobes. I have learned that a woman’s soul and her wardrobe are inextricably linked. My most treasured moments have been watching these women experience the internal transformation that comes with freeing oneself from the old, and opening up to the new.

Through this blog, I hope to share with you insights, tips and inspiration to help kick start a style transformation in your own life. I will keep you updated on the latest trends from overseas and close to home, and show you how to apply these to your own wardrobe, as well as give lessons in the basics – how to dress for your shape, create a wardrobe that works and always have something to wear!

May I be that little voice in your head as you open the wardrobe door : )

Elissa x

‘As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same’ – Marianne Williamson

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